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About ASE Learning

ASE Learning is headquartered in Singapore, and has branches in  Australia and China. We are an educational organisation that combines online and offline learning. We provide various educational programmes for elementary and secondary students who need to consolidate their learning and  improve their academic results in English, Math and Science.

Teacher and Pupil


International School Preparatory Course

This course is tailored for students who wish to study in Singapore, and gain admission into Singapore’s renowned international schools. It is also a perfect choice for students who are already in Singapore but wish to enter a better international school.

Our Courses

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English Booster

Closely following the teaching syllabi of elementary and middle schools in Singapore, our English courses are tailored according to each student's  academic level and needs.  Using the educational method of scaffolding, we provide students with the tools to unlock new doors to knowledge, gradually advancing their English speaking, reading and writing skills.

Teaching English
Math Class


Math/Science Booster

 Our math course aims to provide an introductory study of simple elementary functions, algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics so that our students are able to understand mathematical information and concepts.

The overarching goal of our science course is to provide students with tools to effectively identify fundamental concepts, reason through scientific questions, and solve quantitative/ qualitative questions.


Themed English Camp

Students are introduced to an array of themes (such as exploring the ocean and travelling around the world), allowing to gain insights into the cultures, landscapes and histories of the world that we live in.  Integrating multi-media contents and fun games, this course kindles students interest in learning English. 



PTE Training Course

With 30 hours of live-streamed lessons + 20 hours of recorded lessons, this course aims to help students to achieve success in the PTE test. We have the most comprehensive exam techniques to improve students' scores quickly. Taught by renowned teachers, students are able to get immediate feedback and guidance in the WeChat VIP class group chat.


IELTS Training Course

Boasting foundational lessons, test skills, exam tips and pre-exam pointers, this course has helped numerous students thoroughly and rapidly break the bottleneck in their IELTS preparations, realising their goals of improving their score in a short period of time.

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